Particulate removal

The most commonly used pressure filter in the gas processing industry is a cartridge filter. Cartridge filters are constructed of either a self - supporting filter medium or a filter medium attached to a support core. When pores in the filter medium become blocked, or as the filter cake is developed, the higher differential pressure across the elements will indicate that the filter elements much be cleaned or replaced. Cartridge filters are commonly used to remove solid contaminants from Natural gas, amines, glycols, and lube oils.

PRM Station

In the gas pressure reduction and metering plants, it is good practice to protect the pressure regulators, the valves, the positive displacement meters etc. from the solid particles present in the gas, if any. The filters are used to this purpose. They are manufactured in different types and sizes in order to meet all the plants needs. They are equipped with nipples for the assembly of the several accessories useful for a good operation. The filters construction is stout and they may be easily installed and maintained. The filtering element is able to filter the solid particles with filtrations up to 5 μ.

Filtering Elements

  • Fiberglass
  • Felt polyester